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Rhinestone Heat Transfer

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12" x 24" Sheet

Stencils can use used over and over indefinitely.  For the best results we recommend a 60° blade but we have had success using a 45° blade also. 

  • Color: Blue
  • Material thickness: Approximately 19 mils thick (25 mils including the backing paper)
  • Not for use with a laser cutter
Remove the flock material from the backing sheet and apply directly to the mat before cutting. This helps the weeding much easier as when you pull the flock from the mat the circles remain.
Once the template is cut and weeded, apply the sticky side of the material to a backing board. You can use cardstock or the original carrier sheet for your backing. To use the template pour some rhinestones on and sweep into the holes with a brush. Pick up your design out of the template with a sticky heat resistant transfer tape. This allows you to place your crystal motif onto the project and use an iron to heat set the crystals all at once!